Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Giveaway Results~ @ 6:57 PM


Long time no post. Sorry (>__<) I've been playing TMGS3 quite obsessively...It's hard to take my mind off of a game until I've fully exhausted the fun out of it.

Anyways, I promise to make a proper post soon...I'm waiting for my wholesale-dress.net package to come. It's in transit right now and is expected to come by Friday. Hurray !!! I like the excitement of opening packages and looking at everything inside (^___^)

I FINALLY have the results to the winner of my "100 Followers Mini Giveaway"! Thank you to all the lovely followers who participated. Only very few people did but that's fine ~ More chances for the ones who participated to win! And the winner of the giveaway is...


Congratulations! You'll be contacted shortly via email for address information~~

Well, back to my gaming now~ Post coming up soon for my spring/summer mix & match.

♥ Becky

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I really should stop shopping. @ 11:37 PM

I really need to stop. Seriously. I just made a purchase on a wholesale site:

Black princess styled sleeves with detachable necklace. I love those kind of sleeves. Really couldn't deny this one.
The brown belt.A lace romper with star charm drawstrings at the waist.

A flower lace vest.

A simple loose red striped shirt.

A black halter onepiece.

I am so broke! I really need to start saving & stop spending it on clothes. The total of this order was under $30. The shipping itself was around $25. Well $55 for 6 items is not bad right? Either I must stop shopping! I should lock up my wallet... Actually lock me somewhere away from malls & computers for a while!!! I'll make a spring outfit post after this package arrives. Hahaha~~~

Anyways, I've been busy last week because my bestie came back from Hong Kong. She's only staying for a week however so I'm trying to spend as much time with her as I can! On Friday night we went and had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Didn't like that meal. It use to be pretty decent but now it was just awful... But I did get to spend time with her catching up. I haven't seen her for half a year already. She's leaving on Saturday so I'll probably be spending the rest of this week with her also. She bought back a gift for me for my graduation:

It's a bracelet with a flower charm & plate engraved with my nickname. I really like it~ I'm wearing it all the time now (^___^)

It came in this cute wooden box with painted sakura blossoms, wooden sakura blossoms & 'forever' on the exterior of the box. Inside, flowers & the words 'congraduation 2010'. I wonder if the 'congraduation' was on purpose or a spelling error??? Still cute though~~!

Remember how I mentioned I was going to visit the 'Wish Come True Festival' downtown on Thursday? I did go but it ended up being pretty boring and not as amazing as I thought it was.... I hate it when I get disappointed by things I thought would've been so amazing (T___T)

Now I leave you with the junk food that I have consumed this week:

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday & Father's Day~~


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Monday, June 14, 2010

Bobby's Birthday & Recent Purchases~ @ 11:16 PM

I realized I never posted pictures from Bobby's Birthday~

He looks like a grumpy old man here... But it's just his hair covering his eyes. Usually he's really wide eyed & energetic (O___O) I made a weird face here so I needed to cover it up~ Plus my hair looks like I just came in from a windy storm. But really Bobby is the certain of attention here in his red birthday hat & grey polka dot bow! Haha~~

His apple mousse cake that we specially ordered for him from a pet store. We never had any of it because we were told it was bland & it's all his because it's his special day~

It took him a few days to finish the cake. You could tell he really like it because every time he finished eating he'd go back to his bowl and smell at it for more. He'll just have to look forward to next year~~

Now onto to my purchases from last week~~

I wanted very badly to find a lovely coral colour for myself. I had my sights set on purchasing Yves Saint Laurent's #30 Farbourg Peach but then I detoured and decided maybe I could find a dupe at MAC. I came out with their Frosty Costa Chic lipstick which was nothing like Farbourg Peach but I liked how it was a almost flourescent peachy pink. Quite cute for summer I think... But I still want my Farbourg Peach!!! I've never been a lipstick wearer until recently. I've always stuck to sheer pink/peach lip glosses cause I was so afraid of colour!

I got Anna Sui's Face Accent in 600. A bright orangey powder~ I wanted a orange blush so badly after seeing it pop up on so many models in the magazines. It's a really lovely summer colour & really does make me feel more energetic just looking at it!

Here's me wearing it. Sorry for showing you my bad skin. I've been breaking out quite a bit recently. Just random breakouts here and there (T___T) I think the colour is quite muted. It's not very pigmented so you'll have to build on the colour if you want to have a bright pop of colour on your cheeks. I almost look like I have a healthy tan don't I? I don't like tanning though... I'm really religious with my sun care routine~~

Left to right: Sweet Pea Forever, Midnight Magic, Summer Orchard & Orange Nectar.

I went to get some aromatherapy oils for fun. My sister got this metal warmer a while ago as a birthday gift but never used it. She's not really into these kind of things. So I decided I might as well make use of the oil warmer so I went to Bath and Body Works to buy some oils that were on sale. I really like citrus scents so I picked up the summer orchard & orange nectar because they smelled like ... Well summer! I don't really know how the other two oils smell like. Will have to try them much later because I'm enjoying the summer orchard & orange nectar too much. I think next time I'm going to go to Crabtree & Evelyn to purchase their Rose Water oil. I love their Rose Water collection so much. It's expensive but it's one of the best rose scents I've come across.

I think this week I might start cleaning the room down in the basement & move down there. The room is much bigger than the one I have right now... There's already furniture in there because we use it as a guestroom when relatives visit. I don't like the furniture colour (it's brown) but I like the large vanity though~~ It's also going to be dark there because there's only one small window (T___T) But I think it'll be a good choice to move down there~~

This post is so choppy... Oh well~ I'm going to the Luminato Festival this week~ Hope you all have a great week!

♥ Becky

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Convocation~ June 10th, 2010 @ 12:40 AM

June 10th, 2010 marked the end of my grueling journey towards the BScN~~

After these 4 years of clinical placement, reflective analyses, personal & faculty appraisals... Literally blood, sweat & tears. I'm proud to say I made it!!!

The day was definitely unforgettable. The ceremony itself was lengthy but a good celebration for us. The reception was outside on the quad of our university. There was pastries, beverages & frozen desserts~ Nice area to mingle & take pictures. I swear all these years and I never noticed we had a wall of roses. I think maybe they put them there for the convocations? They also moved the book store outside with graduation items so they could take some more money from you before you leave ;D Well they managed to take my money on the frame to hold my degree~~

Here's a few pictures from yesterday. Warning though, I looked like I hated to be there. I think I was just really tired & didn't wanna show my braces so I managed these awkward smiles:

The family. Missing Bobby though. Wish we could've brought him downtown (T___T)

The nursing friends :)

The bouquet my parents got me. I loved the bright colours~ They know me too well (^___^)

Me with the flowers~

My outfit for the convocation~ I kinda made a quick decision with this one. I got the dress 2 days before. I had started looking earlier but I didn't find anything I liked at all. I really didn't want anything black but I ended up with no choices so I decided upon this black floral dress. I liked it also for the reason that it was simple enough to be worn as a summer dress~

A cup from my university that my sister got me. She wanted to get me the small stuffed toy of Eggy the ram, my university's mascot, but it was really expensive for something so small. A cup is good because it's practical.

My friend got me this lovely Tiffany's Notes key ring. It's too precious for me to use (* A *) Usually my things get wrecked whilst tumbling in my large bags. I already managed to smudge it with my dirty fingers as you can see in the second picture.

And something extremely irrelevant:

As I was going to pick up my gown with my friends they were giving out these little boxes along with a round headed figure with three colourful light bulbs on its head dancing around (Rainbow King apparently). Even though my bag was tiny and had no room for this toy, I had to take it because it was so colourful & cute! It's promotion for the Wish Come True Festival during Luminato. Luminato is a festival that celebrates arts in all forms. I've never been to any Luminato events but this one especially catches my eyes. It's happening between June 16-20th for FREE! Can't wait to go see~ I will take loads of pictures for sure (^___^)

Anyways, another working weekend ahead & more waiting for my license results... Going to post this weekend about my purchases~~

♥ Becky

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek Review @ 8:05 PM


Today I'm going to my FIRST review of my recent purchase of Cosmagic' Sweet Deco Cheek in Strawberry Pink.
It was featured in Popteen May 2010 by Kumiko Funayama. Cuteee~

So the package comes with 3 blush colours: A silky light pink cream blush, a dark sparkly pink & a pale pink highlighter. It also comes with a small brush & pom pom wand to apply the blush. The stencil to create the heart on your cheeks is actually cut out from the packaging. I thought that was quite creative~
Also, inside the packaging, there are instructions on how to apply the blushes to achieve the desired effect and instructions on how to do cute hime cheeks & sexy koakuma cheeks~

Light cream pink, Dark Powder Pink & Pale Pink highlighter

The blush compact is shaped like a diamond. A bit chunky and heavy but cute packaging nonetheless, typical of a Japanese product (^___^)

The powdered cheek colours are quite sparkly & pigmented. A little bit really goes a long way~ I found the cream blush a bit hard to apply. I had to rub & apply a few times to see the colours on my cheeks. I also really liked the highlighter. I normally use my Benefit High Beam highlighter, but I like this one so much more. It spreads nicely & smoothly and is super sparkly~~ Sparkly is kinda my thing (* A *)

Here's what I looked like after applying the colours to my cheeks. You can't see it very well because my camera is not that great (T___T) But honestly, it is very vibrant in real life & I love it~ I followed the instructions and applied the cream blush on the center of my cheeks followed by using the natural haired brush to apply over the heart stencil to the boniest part of my cheek. I tried using the pom pom wand like Popteen had shown to apply the colour over the stencil, but it was difficult to get the colour onto the pom pom wand. I think maybe the pom pom wand is for a more airbrushed effect? I also didn't like how some of the fluffy bits kept falling off and landing on my eyelashes (T___T) I like using the brush applicator much more even though the pom pom wand is really cute (≧▽≦) The applicator is soft and distributed the colour evenly without losing any hairs~ Then I used the same applicator to apply the pale pink highlighter around the area where I had applied the heart, under my eyes and on my T-zone area to created a 3D effect.

Even after a day of going out and about the colours were still staying put on my cheeks & was as vibrant as the minute I had applied them on my cheeks. Very long lasting ~ The heart was also a cute touch (^___^)

Final Verdict:

The packaging is cute and girly, suitable for ladies who like lovely princess-esque products. The colours are very pigmented & long lasting so you won't have the need to do any touch ups. If you desire the highly accented cheeks like gyarus then the ultra pigmented colours will definitely give you the pop of colour. If you want more of a softer effect, the pom pom wand will give you a light touch of colour. The cheek colours are cute & girly, perfect for a sweet look~

The only dislike that I have for this product is the pom pom wand, it was difficult to get the colour on the pom pom & it kept losing it's fluffy bits on my face. Otherwise I loved the colours & how pigmented they were. I could never find the sweet dolly pink that I wanted but this one is love for me~~

Phew* Writing reviews are tough. I hope I did a good job (>△<)

By the way, if you haven't applied already: I'm hosting a giveaway to celebrate my milestone of reaching 100 followers (over 100 by now)! Please join it here: http://lamaisondepoupee.blogspot.com/2010/06/purchases-of-week-my-100-followers-mini.html

Oh~ And hello new followers! Thanks for following!

Have a good week! I know I will because convocation is this Thursday~ Stay tuned for my convocation post (^ ◇ ^)


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