Friday, June 4, 2010

Purchases of the Week & My "100 Followers Mini Giveaway"! @ 11:38 PM

Another week is done and it's June already! So my exam went... I don't know how to feel about it. The majority of people that I talked to afterward felt the same. I think it was quite difficult... Too much reading for a 4-hour exam. Sigh* I'm not too positive about the results but I'm trying not to be too dragged down by it. After all I do have two more chances to take the exam & summer is here (^___^)

After the day of the exam, this week I had a mission to go find myself a convocation dress. I went to three malls and came out of them empty handed. I'm either too picky or not really in the mood after the exam. I can't decide which it is (U___U) I'm going to try one last time on Tuesday, going downtown this time because there's more store choices. If I still can't find one then I might just choose something from my own closet instead.

Instead, I ended up purchasing beauty products instead!

My favourite brand of masques is definitely My Beauty Diary. This week I went to the supermarket and found them on sale. They had 2 large themed boxsets. One was Japan & the other was Europe (I think?). The Europe themed boxset included their Bulgarian White Rose, Red Wine & Lavender masques plus an extra 2 platinum masques & a 5ml whitening essence. I picked up the Japan boxset because I don't have the masques in this boxset. This boxset includes their Sake, Natto & Cherry Blossom masques also including 2 platinum masques & a 5ml moisturizing essence. Have yet to try the masques but I'm excited to try the Natto face masque. I read it had high anti-aging & moisturizing properties~

Ever since I saw Kumiko endorse the Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek, I've wanted it. It looks so cute & I wondered what a heart on my cheek looked like~Hahaha~ I compared the Peach Pink & Strawberry Pink but I chose the strawberry because I was hoping to get Canmake's Cream Cheek in Vitamin Orange. Bright orange cheeks are so summery & happy~ Their Cherry Pink also looks pretty cute. I'm going to be doing a tutorial & review of the sweet deco cheek this weekend~ Please stay tuned for it!

Now for something I'm excited to present~! Here's my first mini giveaway ever to celebrate 100 followers!

Here's what's included:
♥5 My Beauty Diary Masques~ Sake, Aloe, Natto, Cherry Blossom & Black Pearl.
♥A Sweets Deco Boxset
♥ 2 Sheets of Puffy Cat & Dog Stickers

Here's the cutest part of the giveaway I think (✪ܫ✪)

The deco set has the glue, jewels, pearls and mini ice cream & donuts for you to deco your cellphone, mirror or whatever you want! I thought it was really cute & fun so I decided to put this into the giveaway! In fact, it's so cute I want one for myself!

1) You must be a public follower of this blog.
2) Leave a comment with your name & email~ 1 entry
3) Leave a comment with your name, email AND a link to your blog about this entry~ 2 entries
4) Leave a comment with your name, email, link to your blog about this entry AND your favourite summer outfit & makeup ~ 3 entries (I'm super nosy and wanna see pretty makeup & pretty clothes (≧▽≦) )

The giveaway will end June 20th, 2010 at 11:59PM Eastern Time.

ThankQ & have fun~!


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