Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Coat... @ 9:34 PM

Hello lovelies~

Another working day done. Today felt especially long because of how slow it was... Another 5 days of this... Luckily I have dinner celebrations spread out this entire week to make it less daunting. Can't wait until my only day off on Sunday!!!

I've been looking around for a new winter coat. I want to buy something warm and that will last me a couple of years but I'm very picky about style & I prefer to have a stylish coat than a extra warm one. I mean I can always layer right? Plus I've decided to invest in a remote starter this year for my car so I choose style over practicality! Here's a few pieces that have caught my eye:

I really want a red coat... Not sure why. Actually this colour they called maroon on the website. My coats have always been black or brown and I feel like red is a really chic colour for this time of the year.
I love fur collars & military style. It's stylish & still warm.
This one is a more lady like coat. No buttons so I'll probably be cold... Plus they only have white in stock & I'm not really good at keeping white clean...

So which one is your favourite? I haven't decided yet & still don't have time to check out the options... I'm kind of leaning towards a coloured coat however just to add some colour to my winter.

♥ Becky

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