Sunday, December 1, 2013

New start in a familiar place... @ 10:58 AM

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe it's been 2 years since I've touched this blog... I've been playing around with another one but I decided why not come back to this one.... Since a layout has been done for the holiday season anyways. I'm a lazy girl :(

Many things have changed in the past 2 years. MANY. THINGS. In fact, too much to even explain into a few paragraphs. Here are a few highlights of the things that have been life changing:

  • In 2010 I graduated from my program and successfully passed my licensing exam. In 2011 I found my first job in my career and my passion has only grown. Recently the direction of my career has been reignited and I'm currently striving to achieve the vision of myself when I first started down this path.
  • My first relationship also started in 2010 and ended in the first half of this year. I learned a lot from it...
  • I made my first adult purchase in 2011...a car! I love it. Can't imagine my life without it in this cold Canadian weather.
So that's pretty much the highlights in my life. Many things have changed and whilst contemplating these things last night in bed... I realized I needed a place to document my everyday thoughts...encounters... etc... What a better place to do it than a blog I started over 3 years ago? Since it is December 1st today, a few more days until I become another year older... I'm making a promise to myself to writer a blog post everyday, not matter how short it may be, I'll document how my day went. Since the advancement of smartphones this actually is so much easier. I don't even need a computer anymore :D

So if you're still following me, I hope to bring you interesting reads in the next few days. I'll still do reviews and hauls posts cause those are still a part of who I am. However, I do plan to place some more personal posts on here. If you have any suggestions for me, I'd love to hear it!

Happy December Lovelies!!!

♥ Becky

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