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Review: Revlon Colorburst @ 12:59 AM

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Been too long since the last post again. Been a tad busy & tired from work. I'm going to blame it on the cold weather. It had turned me into a lazy sloth.

Today's post I'm going to review Revlon's Colorburst lip glosses & lipsticks. I've been on a frenzy with them ever since I discovered their Soft Nude lipstick. I've never liked them before because I always thought their packaging was quite tacky. & unappealing. But their new lines are definitely becoming more eye catching. Let's start! {Click to enlarge pictures}

Revlon's Colorburst

Packaging > I think the packaging for the lip gloss & lipsticks are quite cute. I like the quilted design on the caps & tubes itself. The brush on the lip glosses have two flat sides with a rounded tip, allowing for precise application. I found it easy to apply the lip gloss to every corner of my lips. I like how on the tub of the lipstick itself, the word Revlon are engraved. I thought it was a nice touch.

Price > I paid about $8 CAD for each lip gloss & lipstick. I would say, for such a good quality product that it was well worth it. 


From left to right: Pink Sugar {a glittery sheer light pink}; Soft Nude {a matte nude}; Peach {a soft orange}; Candy Pink {a bright pink}.

The lipsticks are quite honestly my favourite lipsticks. I've used high end & lower end brands before and these are my absolute favourites.. They're creamy & moisturizing, did not dry out my lips at all. Especially since it is winter, my lips are constantly chapped because of the horrid chilly air. They are very pigmented & buildable.. You can go for a subtle look or layer it for a bolder look.

The only downside is that it's not very long lasting. I'm still quite fresh to the lipstick world so I'm unsure how long one would expect a good lipstick to last. However, it's a small problem for me as I'm far too in love with the colours & positives of this lipstick to care much for this negative point.

Lip Gloss

From left to right: Peony Pivoine {shimmery champagne}; Papaya {pinky orange}; Strawberry {bright pink/red}.

The quality of the glosses are also very high. They're non-sticky & moisturizing & highly glossy. They're very pigmented, especially with the coloured ones like Papaya & Strawberry, you'll notice they are very vibrant. Which I absolutely love.

I really can't think of anything bad to say about the lip gloss!

My favourite of the bunch is definitely Strawberry. It's a cute pinky red that's perfect for summer.

Overall >  I would definitely recommend this product to you guys. Especially the new colours that came out, they're' all lovely & there are quite a few colours that are perfect for spring/summer looks. The Colorburst collection is definitely comparable to the higher end brands out there, in fact, dare I say, maybe even better than some out there. The lipsticks are pigmented, moisturizing & buildable while the lip glosses are glossy without feeling sticky. I definitely suggest every lady try it since they are inexpensive & very accessible. 

That's it for me today~ Until next time!


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