Saturday, January 1, 2011

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Can't believe that the last time I ever posted was last year. Ha Ha Ha! Just some cheesy humour from me! I hope everyone's holidays were great! I had a good time. I decided to just do a little post to reminisce the highlights of 2010 & goals for the 2011! I don't believe in resolutions because I feel like they are too easily breakable. I mean I can't remember the amount of times I've promised to work much harder in school & it always had fallen through! So, I'm going to make goals. REAL goals that I intend to keep & make come true.

Highlights of 2010:

There was really only 2 events this year that made me happy~~

Convocation: The conclusion to my four years. I was able to share it with my family & great friends. Truly the greatest moment of 2010.

Passing the CRNE: The moment I opened that letter from the CNO & found out I had passed the CRNE, I burst out crying !!! Even my mom thought I had failed. I was so overly ecstatic I couldn't help but cry happy tears. I seriously did not expect to pass. I don't know why...But it became proof to me that the four years was not a waste & that I had become a nurse.

Goals for 2011:

  • Exercise more often: I tell myself this all the time & fail to do so. New year, new start! I'm going to make it this time!!!
  • Take & Pass the ACLS: It's a step up from the BCLS. It's a tad bit expensive but worth it & hopefully it'll help me get a RN job...
  • Take a RN certificate program this fall: I was contemplating this for a while... I decided I needed to do this if I wanted to move ahead in life. Not sure what I want to take as of yet. But for sure I want to do this!
  • Save money: I am awful with saving money (-____-")
  • Read more: After I finished school I've hardly read. I use to complain that I didn't have time to read for fun because of time spent on reading textbooks. What's my excuse now?!
  • Write more in my journal & blog more often: I'm awful with both. So I wanna try to write daily in my personal journal & create more posts on this one. 
I think I've got quite a bit of goals there that will take me the entire year to make! Probably will come up with more goals as time goes by. Nothing is ever certain in life so gotta be flexible!!!  I hope 2011 treats everyone well & will be filled with love & luck for all! Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

♥ Becky

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