Friday, October 8, 2010

My Mori Girl-esque OOTD & Uranium @ 4:23 AM

Hello Hello~

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How's everyone doing? It's been a while again. I haven't much to update about life. Same old job hunting and such. Don't want to bore you all with the minimal details (x___x)

I want to work on some hair tutorials & such but in between the reoccurring sickness, part-time job, skin flareups & such I haven't found the appropriate time. Hopefully I'll be able to do something this Thanksgiving long weekend. We haven't bought the groceries yet so tomorrow is the day to shop for us. Our family doesn't like turkey so we usually have chicken instead. We already got ourselves ham which we're going to honey roast. Just thinking about the dinner is making me hungry (^___^) What's your favourite Thanksgiving dish?

Oh~ And I'm anxiously waiting for my package to arrive from Jayne. I participated in "The Disposable Project" which is a lovely little project where Jayne sends out disposable cameras to different people to different places. Whomever receives these cameras have to take certain pictures to fulfill predetermined requirements ie. shooting something that makes you happy. It's genius really. Check it out here! I don't know if she's still receiving more applicants but nonetheless it's very interesting and would be something interesting to follow.

Here's a OOTD from yesterday:

White Crochet TopLocal Store 
Alice Necklace Forever21 
Faux Fur VestOld Navy
Denim OverallsForever21
Straw Bag Zara

It's a bit mori girl-ish~? What it is though is super comfortable. I'm falling more & more in love with my overalls.

You can hardly see my hair in this picture but it's done in two fishtail braids with some curly bits skillfully plucked out. Kind of like what Ha Ni (Jung So Min) is wearing here in episode 5 of Playful Kiss:

It's cute & so easy to do. I've been to lazy to fuss with my hair these days~ Plus it still works for my slightly longer than shoulder length hair! Anyone interested in seeing a tutorial of this? I'm not good with videos though & I'm impossibly shy (゚∇゚)

And can you tell I'm totally obsessed with this kdrama? I've been chasing it every single week like a horrible addiction.I can't help that Ha Ni's girly fantasies coincide with my own (//////////)

It's getting colder now so we got Bobby some socks & clothes to wear for when he goes out for walks:

They're baby socks! They don't hold very well so we just went out and got him some doggy booties for when it gets colder~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I went to the shops today & noticed a Canadian based brand that I thought was pretty cute. The brand is called Uranium. It originated from Montreal, Canada and specializes in "Street Fashion" accessories & clothing. Their products are made entirely here in Canada & inexpensive.Which I'm absolutely delighted to hear because I love to support homegrown products. I have yet to see a store that sells clothing from this brand but I did notice their accessories at a shop today. I'm kind of partial to the clothing cause I don't feel it's entirely my style, but their accessories are very pretty. Click through for larger pictures & details:


Way to get more things for myself to lust after...Poor unemployed new grad here!

I'm in dire need of a new layout. This weekend! This weekend it shall come!

Have a good weekend!

♥ Becky

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