Monday, August 16, 2010

My "Feel Better OOTD" @ 11:08 PM

First I'd like to say hello & welcome to the new friends. I really appreciate seeing more people follow this blog. Makes me day much better :) ThankQ & I hope to bring more interesting posts to you all~~!

I have something bad happen to me this weekend. It was really my fault & I don't blame it on anyone but myself. Long story short... What happened was that I got my ipod & wallet stolen at work (┬┬_┬┬) I'm pretty sure it's not anyone that works there because including myself there were only four of us & we were all pretty much busy all morning at the front of the store. The thing about the store is that the back doors are always left open. Sigh* I blame no one but myself for not being more careful with my own belongings. Luckily, I had very few IDs in that wallet so it wasn't too hard to get all the IDs back. What made me most sad was losing my ipod, birthday gift from my parents, and my coach wallet, which was a birthday gift from my best friend. But it's over now... So I spent the whole of today getting my IDs back...

So I woke up this morning thinking: "I need to feel better now!" So I put on one of my favourite outfit to go out for lunch & run my errands~ Here's my OOTD ~~

Bowler HatH&M
Birds Necklace Forever21
Lace TopLocal Store
White Simple CamiLocal Store
Black JeansOld Navy

I don't know why but I feel happy in this bowler hat. I really like hats. It's a happy thing for me. When I'm happy I'll wear hats ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ I also liked the way I waved my hair today. It was fuss free & didn't really require much maintenance at all. I just used my straightener to achieve this look Especially in this horrid humid weather why my curls always turn into thready waves (▼皿▼メ) I also center parted my bangs instead today. Usually it's just straight bangs down to my eyes or side swept but I decided this probably looked better with the bowler hat? My sister hates it but I think it looks fine~ Looks more mature & col I think (^___^)

Here's some extra pictures of me, posing with my junk food of the day: Green Tea Cream Toppo (★>U<★)

Okay~~ So the plan for tomorrow is to wake up early & go have some Ikea breakfast with KP & sister; drive sister to university to get student ID; go to bank; pick up parents to yum cha; pick up Bobby from home then drive harbour to take boat to Centre Island & spend rest of day there~~ Just happy to go somewhere with Bobby that isn't around the neighbourhood or the park. I think he'll have fun there! Post pictures of tomorrow's adventure when I have them! My next post is going to be a review about L'Oreal's Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base~ Have a great week!!!

♥ Becky

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Monday, August 2, 2010

HG Lipstick & Autumn Shoe Lust @ 9:30 PM

Been a while since my last post again (T___T) I've been working & job hunting... It's been a bit difficult because there's very few jobs out there for new graduates right now & I'm really hoping that I can find a new grad position because it guarantees at least a year of full-time employment~~

So Friday I went downtown with the sister to do some shopping. We haven't shopped together for a while. I have to admit it's most fun shopping with my sister because she goes in to any store I want & has no bias so gives really good advice on whether I should buy certain things. I guess I'm lucky to have a sister that enjoys shopping as much as I do (^___^)

So I've been eyeballing Yves Saint Laurent's Faubourg Peach (#30) forever since I saw it in a look tutorial on a blog. But I hesitated because it was so expensive. I tried finding dupes of the colour at M.A.C. & Sephora but none of them were the colour that the YSL one was... So finally I caved and got it & do not regret this purchase at all. The packaging of the product is very pretty, especially the cutout of the YSL motif at the middle of the tube which shoes what the colour inside looks like. There's also a round mirror at the top of the cap that you can use to apply lipstick. Small but still functional~

Here's the lip colour in natural lighting. I think that the picture doesn't do the colour any justic because it's much more of a bright coral in real life. The colour appears too muted in the picture. It's a really gorgeous colour & I'm loving it so much I've been wearing it everyday. It's my HG lipstick right now~

The same day I also bought a pair of oxford shoes, which appear to be quite popular for preppy looks in the fall. I've always wanted a pair cause I thought they were really cute. Plus I've always loved the preppy look (^___^) I'm a big autumn/winter shoe fanatic... I'm not a big on buying shoes in the summer... I think it's because I'm not into wearing sandals or flip flops but I'm always willing to spend on A/W shoes. Can't wait to wear these (* A *)

Here's some snaps (courtesy of my camera & not scanner for lazy reasons) from the September 2010 of ViVi that I found interesting~ Mostly dealing with shoes though~~ (Please click for larger pictures)

E N J O Y!

Last two pictures are of the furry accessories trend for autumn. Faux fur I would hope because I would never wear real fur... Faux fur is just as cute & has much more variety too~~ I think I'd love to add a furry chain purse to my wardrobe for autumn (^___^) What about you~?

♥ Becky

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