Wednesday, May 26, 2010

100 Followers & Package Arrived! @ 10:40 PM

The weather is so nice this week!
Can't help but enjoy it too much & forget that I have my license exam in 1 week!!!

Anyways! I've reached 100 followers! I'm so very excited & thankful for that (^___^) I'm not too interesting so THANK YOU for baring with me & my lack of posts! After this exam, I'm going to try to be more interesting I promise! I'm going to be preparing a giveaway next week, after my license exam of course. Be sure to stay tune. I'll try to make it exciting*

Speaking of excitement...My package from arrived today~ I literally stalked at my door waiting for the delivery person to arrive. Harhar (-___-)

I've opened it already to check the products & I love the maxi dress a lot. It's so airy & light~~ But I'm a little bit too short for it. Think I'll need a pair of wedges or heels to hold my dress up off the floor! The beige skirt is also very cute! A bit darker than I had imagined but more interesting than just getting white or dark blue. I mixed out a few spring/summer outfits but didn't take any pictures. I really should be studying anyways (U___U)

My official graduation letter & convocation tickets also arrived in the mail this week! Now I feel like it's all more official.

Back to studying... Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nic Nic"s Giveaway & Store Opening~ @ 10:06 PM

Hello lovelies~~

Nic Nic of Bang Bang She Shoots is having a fabulous giveaway to celebrate the opening of her online store: A Pop of Kawaii!. There's lots of Japanese products for reasonable prices & they ship internationally! Check it out~~

Join her giveaway here to be eligible for these fabulous prizes! There will be 5 winners randomly chosen!!! Giveaway ends June, 6th 2010 11:59pm Japan time, so hurry hurry hurry!


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Friday, May 21, 2010

OOTD & This Week's Purchases @ 10:31 PM

Hello lovelies~!

Another week gone. Time sure is passing very very fast...May will be over soon meaning there's only a week and a bit more before my CRNE exam. It's a mix of emotions: Fear, anxiety, excitement, a little glad that it will be over soon, etcetera. Studying for nursing exams are tough because it's not jut all about facts & information. It's really about critical thinking... "All the answers are correct, but which is more correct?" kind of thing. A lot of it is situational case studies that focus on a variety of issues besides the physical assessments... I really hate those but no escaping this one ( ̄へ ̄)

But I am looking forward to June! Hopefully the weather will be sunny every day with minimal rainy days(* ー *) Things to look forward to:

★ Convocation
★ Bobby's 1st Birthday
★ Bestie coming back from HK
★ TMGS3 release [I'm a bit of a gaming nerd (.___.")]

I think June will be great~!

On to today's FOTD:

Denim shirt: Gap; White dress: Local Shop; Can can/boater straw hat: H&M

Can anyone tell I'm too in love with my denim shirt??? It brings all my outfits together so well~~ I was rummaging through my closet and sorting through the rejected clothes of my past when I found this white dress. Thought it was appropriate to be brought back to wear this spring/summer since white seems to be a trending colour. It's very light weight & flowy~ Glad I decided to keep it back then.

I made some other purchases this week both online & in stores:

Got this straw bag from Zara. I've been wanting one since last year. I feel like straw bags are the perfect material for spring & summer.

Also from Zara. Part of my latest obsession with florals...

I went to the mall today to pick up my magazine subscription of Popteen & did some shopping because my mom was looking at some clothes outside of my favourite shop. I really didn't intend to buy anymore because I had made a small online purchases plus I swore to myself that I would not shop until after the exam... But I did anyways (> д < ;) ... Atleast they were cheap buys~~ I always wanted a laced denim shirt. Couldn't find one for the longest time so I settled for the denim shirt at Gap. But when I saw this I had to have it. It's short sleeved & has lace so it has a different style than my Gap one.

At first I had no intention of looking at this dress. I picked it up & my sister said it looked nice so I went & tried it on. I ended up really liking the colour of this dress on me. The colour & floral pattern are really summery~~ I also really like the lace hem of the dress.

Of course picked up Popteen & while in the store the clerk influenced me into purchasing a Hello Kitty eco bag that could be folded into a much smaller size to be stored away in your purse↓↓↓

After you open the large eco bag, there is a chain where you can chain the smaller storage bag onto the bag itself. There was other patterns & colours to choose from but I like pink & Hello Kitty so it was a no brainer! I figured I could pop this in my bag & it may become useful. . .

I ordered the maxi dress & beige skirt from Dressky. They're a wholesale shop with lots of cheap clothes. Some of the clothes I think I've seen else where too... Like on Yesstyle. I've also seen some of the exact pieces of clothing they sell at local stores. But the local stores jack the prices up approximately 10-50 times more than what the clothes are worth. I've ordered from them before, very reliable. Clothes are cheap but shipping is still expensive because they're shipping from Asia. Their clothes range from $5-$25. Of course the quality is a debatable issue...From previous experience I'd say the quality is quite good & the received product was not too different from the displayed picture. Can't wait until these arrive~~!

Well I should really get back to studying. This blogging break has gone on for far too long... Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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Monday, May 17, 2010

OOTD & FOTD @ 5:57 PM


Grey skies again today (○・`Д´・○) Yesterday was so lovely... Sunshine with not a speck of clouds in the sky... Yet today the clouds are back!!! Where is my sunshine??? I hope everyone else is having better weather than I am experiencing!

I'm afraid there's nothing spectacular in this post. I suppose not many of my posts are spectacular anyways? Hope you enjoy anyawys~~ Lalala~~♪

Today's FOTD~ Since today was nothing special, just brunch with the family, I did my usual make routine with the exception of the usage of Canmake's No. 02 lashes↓↓↓

Very soft & extremely natural upper lashes. Comes with a tube of white lash glue but I chose to use my Koji clear lash glue instead. I find I'm getting much better at putting on lashes after many practices (●⌒∇⌒●)

Jean Shirt: GAP; Floral One Piece: Zara

And finally, today's OOTD~~ I've been eying Zara's one pieces forever. Their floral rompers & dresses are so cute but they are all SO EXPENSIVE. Finally, I caved because I thought I deserved a little luxury to celebrate my graduation. I love it so much! The material is so soft & comfortable and the floral pattern is so bright and eye catching (☆▽☆)Think I might live in this for the spring/summer?

I'm almost at 100 followers! ThankQ ThankQ. What should I do to celebrate???

♥ Becky

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

My DIY うさ耳~! @ 3:37 AM

Hello Hello Hello~~

I'm here writing to everyone at 3:40AM. Why don't I ever sleep like a normal person??? This will be short though (U___U)

I'm excited to post about my mini project to make my own うさ耳~~! If you read and/or follow Japanese fashion, you'll notice these little things popping up everywhere for Spring 2010!

Here's a few examples of them on models↓↓↓

I find them quite cute (^___^) Kind of a nice break from normal bows on heads don't you think???

Here's me in my handmade one↓↓↓

I think mine has a very retro feel? Maybe needs to be a little longer & more pointy? Ah, well I quite like it anyways~~

I had a little inspiration & help from Violet Lebeaux's tutorial here~~ Although I did make some adjustments to the tutorial because I have a sewing machine, was lazy yet a perfectionist. It's hard to explain the adjustments I made without going on a whole spew of complicated and confusing explanations. However they are easy to make, inexpensive and definitely adds to an outfit (^___^)

Off to bed now, having lunch with some friends tomorrow. Good night!


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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Collingwood Day 2 + Recent Buys @ 7:27 PM

Hello Hello~~

Today is a really gloomy day here... The weather was nice this morning but the rest of the afternoon up to now is all rain and grey skies. Kind of makes me want to just mope around and not do anything... Well instead I moped around with my CRNE prep guide. I guess it's been a productive day?

I wanted to go on a shopping trip tomorrow downtown but no one can accompany me. Everyone either has work/summer courses/busy. I feel super unproductive (T___T). I wish I could be more productive but job search is going no where right now. Very little places are hiring nurses. Especially new graduates. No one wants us (> O <) Anyways... Here's day 2 and the last morning we spent in Collingwood: The next morning, it was a lovely day again~ Gave a opportunity to take better pictures of the mountains. You can still see some snow left on them.

The hotel that we stayed in. It was called 'Seasons'.

A view of a street in the village. There was actually more people walking around but I caught it at a time when all the people were off that street or behind me~~

We had breakfast at a place called Sunset Grill. They serve breakfast all day long. BIG breakfasts too.

Looks better than it tastes. I know plain yogurt is good for you...But... I'll just stick to my tasty flavoured ones.

Our last stop was a Starbucks run. We all needed it after staying up until 4am and waking up at 9am. Plus, I was the driver on the home bound journey...I can't fall asleep otherwise we'll be in trouble then ( T ▽ T )

I really miss it there. It was a nice getaway... I haven't been away since 2 summer ago when I went to New York with a few friends. I want to do more traveling this summer but I know I should focus more on studying for CRNE & job search.. (9・Д・)9 頑張リマッス! ! !

I haven't posted recent purchases & whatnot for a while~~ Well I haven't been shopping that much due to schedule overload~~ But I've been buying things here and there. Here's some of my more recent purchases within this week:

Picked up my subscription of ViVi~ Happy to see Lena on the cover~~ She's one of my favourite ViVi models alongside Chikako and Kiko.

Got a new lip balm with UV protection also. I have a particular obsession with lip products. It's a shimmery pearl colour, quite like it. Think I might pick up the other two shades, pink & orange too.

After many hours of standing at the stores, I decided to get Koji's eyelash glue in clear. I tried it this morning and it adheres VERY nicely. Even the wind won't be able to blow your lashes off! Plus the glue is clear so white glue spots to be seen~! However I do find that this glue is a little more fluid than the white ones I've tried. This glue also comes in black so that it blends in with the bone of the lashes...

Got a pack of 7 pairs of lashes for $10. The bone and lashes itself are both very soft and bendable so you can bend it as needed to your eye shape. Don't have a picture of me with the lashes as of yet, will post as soon as I can~!

♥ Becky

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Collingwood Day 1 (WARNING! Lots of Images!) @ 11:02 PM

Hello lovelies~

I was back on Sunday evening from my trip. It was short lived but I had a really great time. Blue Mountain is such a beautiful area. I can imagine how much more beautiful it is in the winter time! I would definitely go back... Probably within this summer ;)

Lots of images ahead. Please enjoy~~

Here we are in the middle of our 2hr journey to Collingwood. We're actually probably very near it already because I could see the mountains in this picture. We were too busy talking for me to take pictures in the beginning~ It was actually raining on our way there but thank godness that it stopped before we went on the tour!

Our firs stop was the longest suspension bridge in Ontario. It had a nice view of the Collingwood area~

Tree top walk! It was really fun although some of the boards were creeking and some bridges were slanted. Required a lot of upper muscle strength to unhook and hook the safety hooks that kept us from falling. Overall extremely fun and safe :)

When I looked at the trees... I thought... "Twilight". Minus all the dead tree logs on the floor.

Little chipmunk! It was not afraid of people! It kept running around and looking at us eat our granola bars. Maybe it wanted one?

Our next stop was a into a "cavernous" area that supposedly formed from large rocks that eroded through the many years. It was extremely cold down there because there was some type of tree beneath the ground that naturally cool the area. You could also see a layer of fog down below. Also, snow and ice were in some areas of the ground!

Our last stop on the tour was zip lining down 1000 foot back to the log cabin where we parked. It was a controlled speed so you weren't flying down at incredible speeds. Had a very nice scenic view of the area~

After that we drove 6 minutes to the Blue Mountain resort area and checked in at our hotel. We were so tired and felt so dirty from hanging out in the woods.

↓↓↓Mini tour of our room↓↓↓

After 2hours of getting ready (hey, we're girls~) we finally headed out for dinner at a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant called Tholos. We sat in outside because the weather was very nice and also they did not have any tables inside because they were having a party inside. Pity because it looked very nice inside and the interior was the reason why we wanted to go there. We read about it on the pamphlet that had a map of the restaurants and shops in the resort. It was nice until it got dark and windy! Our dinner lasted for 2 hours~

Breath taking view of the mountains from our table. Imagine having dinner whilst looking at such a lovely scenery. Romantic right?

My friend's Horiatiki salad.

My Marinara Mussels.
Garlic Butter Leek Mussels

We saw the next table having these pans of flaming cheese so we looked in the menu to find it. It's called Saganaki. It's a type of cheese called kefalograviera that is pan fried and then flambéed right in front of your eyes. I was too busy admiring the flames to take a picture. However, if you're a cheese lover like me, you would've loved this appetizer. However it's a once a while treat because it was SO SALTY. Still good though!

The only different dish at our table. My friend's seafood linguine of black tiger shrimps, mussels, sea scallops and lobster tail in white wine rose sauce and covered in more cheese.

The rest of us ordered the same thing. We all wanted to eat portabello mushrooms. We ordered a vegetarian dish of portabello mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, grilled zucchini, roasted red peppers, baby spinach with caper roasted peper sauce and lima beans. There was a strong taste of balsamic vinegar.

After our satisfying yet long dinner, we walked around the resort. It was about 11pm. Although the stores were closed, (no dessert it meant T___T) there were still many people walking around the resort. Very lively place~ Almost made you wanna stay out there with them. There was a little lake and board walk that took you to the other side. We sat down on the other side at these big colourful chairs for a bit before heading back~~

We retreated back to our hotel to play board games, drink and eat junk foods until 4am. Here's me showing off my game piece because I won the game of therapy~~

I'll post day 2's pictures tomorrow~~



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