Sunday, February 7, 2010

HELP~ I'm indecisive! @ 9:32 PM

Hello lovelies~

It's almost Chinese New Year~ I can't believe how fast one year just goes by. Gotta enjoy every moment life has to offer!

Anyways, I'm in much need of some advice today~ I'm planning to get my hair cut this week but I'm honestly confused of how I want it. I'm planning to go shorter and change up my bangs because my straight hair is so dull and I find my side swept bangs very hard to maintain. My friends are telling me they like my hair straight and long but I dislike it cause it's so boring. No shape. No style.

Here's the styles that I'm liking for spring/summer~

Just in case I've been away for too long and no one remembers what I look like~~

What does everyone think~? Leave it or Change it?


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