Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MId-Autumn's Festival & OOTD @ 6:01 PM

Happy Mid-Autumn's Festival! To all the lovelies out there who celebrate it!

Mid-autumn's festival isn't very festive here unless you go to heavily Asian populated malls and such. I imagine it would be different in Asia... Just like Chinese New Year. It just doesn't feel the same here than it would be elsewhere. But that's okay cause it's all about family & good friends and I have the most important people in my life right here so that's all the really matters. 

Today's the first day of Autumn too! It was not too chilly today. Rather warm with a gently breeze. Which was nice seeing as the news saying that this winter is going to be the coldest & longest yet for us. I don't mind the cold as much as the horrible snow storms cause it makes it so difficult to travel in. Almost just wanna snuggle at home & hide.

Today's OOTD:

Military ShirtForever21
Alice Necklace Forever21
Leopard Printed TankOnline Store
Denim OverallsForever21
Shiny Heart Shaped PurseH&M

Today's outfit sure is full Forever21 products! I'm going downtown tomorrow to pick up tickets the free tickets to the Hedley concert that my sister won, do some shopping then off to the concert that's in Oshawa. Shall be fun (^___^)

♥ Becky

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