Monday, September 20, 2010

Autumn/Winter Outerwear: Inspirations from Oct '10 Popteen & ViVi @ 11:45 PM

I am back yet again! I has definitely been awhile. I've been slacking & suffering from major mind block that I was unable to blog. Seriously (x___x)

HELLO LOVELY NEW FRIENDS! I should really pick up my slack and deliver some interesting posts~~ I'm planning renovation of the layout of this blog. It's autumn & I'm tired of the layout. In the meantime, questions/comments for me? Please send to my formspring. I really like to talk so send me a message!

Today I just wanted to do a short post (mostly visual) about autumn & winter coats. I don't know about everyone but A/W is my favourite time of the year because I can wear & purchase lovely jackets & coats. Here's some inspiration for those out shopping for new outerwear:



My taste for outerwear usually gravitates towards elegant & feminine styles despite some of the outerwear not being warm enough for North American weather. I usually make up for this by layering of course~ Who doesn't want to look cute while keeping warm right? The ones I've posted are pretty classic outerwear. I just feel like those are easily transferable to the next A/W season. I think it's also because I am currently deeply addicted to watching Playful Kiss:

After I saw Ha Ni (Jung So Min) wear this vibrant hot pink military inspired coat with the fur collar I immediately felt like I needed something similar.  On a totally unrelated note: Hyun Joong looks adorable in his coat also (* A *)
Here's some more chilly weather inspirations from October 2010 Popteen & ViVi (took it with my camera again so not the best quality):






The last two coats I would love to own. I love hints of fur on collars & cuffs. Warm & cute (^___^)

I'll end the post here~ Shall post soon *pinky swear*


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