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Recent Purchases & LaNeige Reviews @ 7:48 PM

I'm still here! ! !

But I've been so lazy to post!!! I'm so sorry (T___T) I've been either sleeping/gaming/rolling around on the floor watching tv... So unproductive I am... But soon enough I *hope* to not be. Apparently next week I'll be getting my results which will determine whether I get my license. Then I'll be off on a job hunt if I do~~! Hopefully hopefully... If it all turns out well I'm going to be the happiest person alive (^___^)

Anyways... remember in a few posts back I mentioned about making an order to Okay, well the package arrived alright. Here's what I got...

Here's what I ordered...

Clearly... none of those things looks like what I have ordered. Anyone can tell without even opening the packages! Sigh* I emailed them about it & even showed them pictures of the MAJOR contradiction here. They said they're going to check on the availability of the items and email me back. Double sigh* I feel cheated (T___T)

Away with the unhappy things~~ Here's my recent purchases!

I had wanted a lace top for a while but could never find one I liked truly... I like this one but I was hoping to find one with an asymmetrical hem instead of this elasticized one. Ah well~~ It still goes with with a black/white tank top underneath... I'm going to find more ways to wear it :D

A denim star patterned sleeveless shirt with star buttons~! I liked it instantly cause it looked so 'fun'. Plus I like little details very much. Lace on something otherwise casual is always a nice touch :)

Floral peasant top. It just felt nice & comfy (^___^)

I should really actually wear these clothes to show how they look shouldn't I? They seem kinda plain & boring just sitting them on a hanger... on my dresser... Speaking of which, I haven't done a OOTD in a while...

Also, I went to LaNeige & purchased 3 products.

LaNeige for the unfamiliar is a famous Korean brand. Its name derives from the French word for 'snow'. The main concept of LaNeige is beauty products using 'snow crystals' & 'the hydrating science of water' to create healthy, glowing & optimal moisturization/hydration. What attracts me most about LaNeige are simple products with the majority focusing on moisturizing & hydrating the skin. I've been a fan of their skincare lines for a while now. Although I do try other brands from time to time, I do find myself going back to some of their products.

In particular, I love their Strawberry Yogurt Line.

The Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. It claims that it uses cellulose & enzymes to remove dead skin cell build up from the surface of your skin. Cellulose is an organic compound that is the main component of the cell walls of plants. Cellulose in cosmetic products has effects of being an absorbent, bulking agent, opacifying & viscosity control. The enzyme ingredient is apparently contained in the red capsules (they look like strawberry seeds) which upon massaging will burst and selectively peel dead cells that are buried deep in the skin. It may be used 1-2 times a week & frequency can be adjusted to suit skin needs.

The procedure is simple. You simply squeeze out a 2cm amount of the gel and apply to your face. I dot the product in the primary areas like cheeks, forehead & chin. From there you gently massage the product evenly on all parts of your face (without getting it into your eyes & mouth of course). While massaging, you'll start seeing clumps of pink product on your skin like the picture on the right. I'm guessing those are the cellulose that has bind bind with your dead skin cells and turned into clumps of yucky stuff. After 1 minute of massaging, you rinse off with warm water.

The Strawberry Yogurt Pack. The pack contains strawberry extract which gives a clean & healthy appearance, yogurt makes the skin soft, mineral water & lactic acid bacteria for moisturization, and vitamin E for smoothness.

Although it's not the 2nd step to the peeling gel, I use it after it anyways. The directions tells you to use the pack after applying skin refiner but I like to use it after the peeling gel. The yogurt pack smells very nice. You simply apply a 3cm size amount, then gently massage on your face to dissolve the red particules (which contains the mineral water, vitamin E etc...). You leave it on your face for 5-10 minutes and then rinse off. It recommends that the product be kept in the refrigerator in the summer, I'm guessing because it's yogurt based. It feels nice when it's cold anyways :)

Final Verdict:

A good product to use if you don't have major skin problems. Ladies with acne issues should probably not use this because of the frequent massaging and the particles in the product to avoid causing irritation.

However, after using the gel, I do find that my skin becomes smoother and with the strawberry yogurt pack my skin is clearer and more supple. I would definitely recommend this to other ladies. It's effects are enhanced with weekly dedicated usage. Cause you know, Korean women are famous for their clear, beautiful skin because they are very religious about their skincare regimen (^___^)

Next product, which is my first time purchasing is the Natural Brow Liner Pencil in Khaki.

I have fairly dark brown hair and my eyebrows are almost black. Finding a brow colour that were natural enough for me has always been difficult. I've always admired Korean women's natural looking eyebrows though. So I decided to ask the sales associate at LaNeige for a colour that suited me. She recommended the khaki colour describing it as in between a brown and grey colour. She even plucked my eyebrows and drew in my brows for me! I was pretty much sold though because it was exactly what I had wanted.

One side of the pencil is a brush used to blend and 'push down' the hairs of the eyebrows. I wish it had a screw brush though. I find those tame unruly hairs & blend better. As you can see on the right picture, the colour is a grey brown.

The cool part about it is that each eyebrow pencil comes with it's own pencil sharpener and cleaning wand~!

Here's what my eyebrows look like with the pencil. Some hairs grew back fast because she used a razor instead of plucking it, but definitely much fuller & still natural looking with the eyebrow pencil.

Anyways, I'm going to an annual night market festival later. It's yearly and basically you go to eat junk food (^___^) It's usually really crowded and hot though... But fun cause you bump into people you haven't seen in years!

[EDIT 11:32PM] The night market is closed today! ANGER! So we went for food instead. Not the same :(

I'm off~!


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