Monday, July 26, 2010

FOTD & Happy News~ @ 9:50 PM

I should hang my head in shame for the lack of posts ! ! ! Sorry guys... I've just been... lazy! Well these days I have another excuse. I swear this one is legit! If you follow me on twitter you probably already know this but...

I passed my CRNE exam & am officially a RN!

This has been the happiest news for me. All my hopes were placed on this! I was stalking the mailbox the week before last week because I heard that many people had already received their results in other provinces. So unexpectedly last Monday morning I woke up and first thing I did was grab my ipod and check my newsfeed on facebook. I saw many people were updating their statuses and saying they passed so without a thought I ran downstairs to the mailbox in my PJs and grabbed the mail and to my joy it was there. When I was opening the letter all I could do was shake. I finally opened it and saw that I had passed and all the could do was cry. Happy tears of course, but I scared my mom who thought I had failed because I was crying. Anyways... Now I can officially go job hunting without any hesitation on whether I will be able to keep the job if I didn't get my license. One less worry, but I've gained a worry of finding a job (x___x)

Finally! I have a FOTD to post!!! This is actually a old one but I like my make that day a lot~ Plus that's the only day I actually took more attention to my make since I was going somewhere interesting~~

I wore this FOTD 2 weeks ago when I went to a Boyce Avenue concert. They're this small band, composed of 3 brothers, that started off by playing lots of covers of popular songs on youtube. You've probably heard of them~? They play an amazing cover of Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls. They also have their own CD, which is amazing also. Overall the night was great... Good music and we even met the band afterward. Very nice guys! Once again I am certain that there is no sweeter music than live music.

Ah~ I actually should be talking about my make?! I went on a tangent and started talking about something else. Anyways... So very simple eyemake... I just really liked the colour of the lipstick. It's by Rimmel called Pink Blush. It looks fairly close to MAC's Viva Glam Gaga right? Probably, I only know from what I've seen since my friend has the Gaga one and I got this one way before that one came out. It's fairly bright in person. The consistency however I think is a little drying so I usually like to put on a base of lip balm to make sure my lips are well moisturized before I put lipstick on so you won't see chappy lips.

Completely piggy news though but a Beard Papa store FINALLY opened in Toronto! I love trying out foods so I had to flock there to have one. Plus I kept seeing the signature Beard Papa boxes in ulzzang pictures which made me even more curious of what they're eating. Shown here is a green tea cream puff. The puff pastry part was so crispy and airy tasting. The green team custard was not too sweet & not too bitter. A nice balance I would say. The custard was oozing out of the puff so much I lost most of it in the wrapping.  It's nothing special of course but still a nice treat. Their website says that one cream puff is only 220 calories! I would say that's pretty good considering sometimes you have dessert and it ends up to be a 400+ calorie investment.

Now I leave you with a amusing picture of Bobby~~

We were cleaning his room and he was grumpy that he had to be locked away in his crate. Usually he roam around our feets and smell our toes or play tug-o-war with the things we're holding so we decided to put him in there until we were done. So he got grumpy and started rolling around to express his frustrations. I thought he looked funny (^___^)

Ok... So I know I've been putting off doing posts lately. I've been planning to do a post about my usual spring/summer outfits for the longest time now & soon enough fall is going to come. I must do this SOON. Maybe by the end of the week because I have to do write so many cover letters and fix up my resume for the jobs that I'm going to apply to. Anyways, for sure you can expect a post of new lashes that I got today and a new product that I've tried and liked. Hopefully I will finish by tomorrow evening~~


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