Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Convocation~ June 10th, 2010 @ 12:40 AM

June 10th, 2010 marked the end of my grueling journey towards the BScN~~

After these 4 years of clinical placement, reflective analyses, personal & faculty appraisals... Literally blood, sweat & tears. I'm proud to say I made it!!!

The day was definitely unforgettable. The ceremony itself was lengthy but a good celebration for us. The reception was outside on the quad of our university. There was pastries, beverages & frozen desserts~ Nice area to mingle & take pictures. I swear all these years and I never noticed we had a wall of roses. I think maybe they put them there for the convocations? They also moved the book store outside with graduation items so they could take some more money from you before you leave ;D Well they managed to take my money on the frame to hold my degree~~

Here's a few pictures from yesterday. Warning though, I looked like I hated to be there. I think I was just really tired & didn't wanna show my braces so I managed these awkward smiles:

The family. Missing Bobby though. Wish we could've brought him downtown (T___T)

The nursing friends :)

The bouquet my parents got me. I loved the bright colours~ They know me too well (^___^)

Me with the flowers~

My outfit for the convocation~ I kinda made a quick decision with this one. I got the dress 2 days before. I had started looking earlier but I didn't find anything I liked at all. I really didn't want anything black but I ended up with no choices so I decided upon this black floral dress. I liked it also for the reason that it was simple enough to be worn as a summer dress~

A cup from my university that my sister got me. She wanted to get me the small stuffed toy of Eggy the ram, my university's mascot, but it was really expensive for something so small. A cup is good because it's practical.

My friend got me this lovely Tiffany's Notes key ring. It's too precious for me to use (* A *) Usually my things get wrecked whilst tumbling in my large bags. I already managed to smudge it with my dirty fingers as you can see in the second picture.

And something extremely irrelevant:

As I was going to pick up my gown with my friends they were giving out these little boxes along with a round headed figure with three colourful light bulbs on its head dancing around (Rainbow King apparently). Even though my bag was tiny and had no room for this toy, I had to take it because it was so colourful & cute! It's promotion for the Wish Come True Festival during Luminato. Luminato is a festival that celebrates arts in all forms. I've never been to any Luminato events but this one especially catches my eyes. It's happening between June 16-20th for FREE! Can't wait to go see~ I will take loads of pictures for sure (^___^)

Anyways, another working weekend ahead & more waiting for my license results... Going to post this weekend about my purchases~~

♥ Becky

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