Sunday, June 20, 2010

I really should stop shopping. @ 11:37 PM

I really need to stop. Seriously. I just made a purchase on a wholesale site:

Black princess styled sleeves with detachable necklace. I love those kind of sleeves. Really couldn't deny this one.
The brown belt.A lace romper with star charm drawstrings at the waist.

A flower lace vest.

A simple loose red striped shirt.

A black halter onepiece.

I am so broke! I really need to start saving & stop spending it on clothes. The total of this order was under $30. The shipping itself was around $25. Well $55 for 6 items is not bad right? Either I must stop shopping! I should lock up my wallet... Actually lock me somewhere away from malls & computers for a while!!! I'll make a spring outfit post after this package arrives. Hahaha~~~

Anyways, I've been busy last week because my bestie came back from Hong Kong. She's only staying for a week however so I'm trying to spend as much time with her as I can! On Friday night we went and had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Didn't like that meal. It use to be pretty decent but now it was just awful... But I did get to spend time with her catching up. I haven't seen her for half a year already. She's leaving on Saturday so I'll probably be spending the rest of this week with her also. She bought back a gift for me for my graduation:

It's a bracelet with a flower charm & plate engraved with my nickname. I really like it~ I'm wearing it all the time now (^___^)

It came in this cute wooden box with painted sakura blossoms, wooden sakura blossoms & 'forever' on the exterior of the box. Inside, flowers & the words 'congraduation 2010'. I wonder if the 'congraduation' was on purpose or a spelling error??? Still cute though~~!

Remember how I mentioned I was going to visit the 'Wish Come True Festival' downtown on Thursday? I did go but it ended up being pretty boring and not as amazing as I thought it was.... I hate it when I get disappointed by things I thought would've been so amazing (T___T)

Now I leave you with the junk food that I have consumed this week:

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday & Father's Day~~


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