Monday, June 14, 2010

Bobby's Birthday & Recent Purchases~ @ 11:16 PM

I realized I never posted pictures from Bobby's Birthday~

He looks like a grumpy old man here... But it's just his hair covering his eyes. Usually he's really wide eyed & energetic (O___O) I made a weird face here so I needed to cover it up~ Plus my hair looks like I just came in from a windy storm. But really Bobby is the certain of attention here in his red birthday hat & grey polka dot bow! Haha~~

His apple mousse cake that we specially ordered for him from a pet store. We never had any of it because we were told it was bland & it's all his because it's his special day~

It took him a few days to finish the cake. You could tell he really like it because every time he finished eating he'd go back to his bowl and smell at it for more. He'll just have to look forward to next year~~

Now onto to my purchases from last week~~

I wanted very badly to find a lovely coral colour for myself. I had my sights set on purchasing Yves Saint Laurent's #30 Farbourg Peach but then I detoured and decided maybe I could find a dupe at MAC. I came out with their Frosty Costa Chic lipstick which was nothing like Farbourg Peach but I liked how it was a almost flourescent peachy pink. Quite cute for summer I think... But I still want my Farbourg Peach!!! I've never been a lipstick wearer until recently. I've always stuck to sheer pink/peach lip glosses cause I was so afraid of colour!

I got Anna Sui's Face Accent in 600. A bright orangey powder~ I wanted a orange blush so badly after seeing it pop up on so many models in the magazines. It's a really lovely summer colour & really does make me feel more energetic just looking at it!

Here's me wearing it. Sorry for showing you my bad skin. I've been breaking out quite a bit recently. Just random breakouts here and there (T___T) I think the colour is quite muted. It's not very pigmented so you'll have to build on the colour if you want to have a bright pop of colour on your cheeks. I almost look like I have a healthy tan don't I? I don't like tanning though... I'm really religious with my sun care routine~~

Left to right: Sweet Pea Forever, Midnight Magic, Summer Orchard & Orange Nectar.

I went to get some aromatherapy oils for fun. My sister got this metal warmer a while ago as a birthday gift but never used it. She's not really into these kind of things. So I decided I might as well make use of the oil warmer so I went to Bath and Body Works to buy some oils that were on sale. I really like citrus scents so I picked up the summer orchard & orange nectar because they smelled like ... Well summer! I don't really know how the other two oils smell like. Will have to try them much later because I'm enjoying the summer orchard & orange nectar too much. I think next time I'm going to go to Crabtree & Evelyn to purchase their Rose Water oil. I love their Rose Water collection so much. It's expensive but it's one of the best rose scents I've come across.

I think this week I might start cleaning the room down in the basement & move down there. The room is much bigger than the one I have right now... There's already furniture in there because we use it as a guestroom when relatives visit. I don't like the furniture colour (it's brown) but I like the large vanity though~~ It's also going to be dark there because there's only one small window (T___T) But I think it'll be a good choice to move down there~~

This post is so choppy... Oh well~ I'm going to the Luminato Festival this week~ Hope you all have a great week!

♥ Becky

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