Friday, May 21, 2010

OOTD & This Week's Purchases @ 10:31 PM

Hello lovelies~!

Another week gone. Time sure is passing very very fast...May will be over soon meaning there's only a week and a bit more before my CRNE exam. It's a mix of emotions: Fear, anxiety, excitement, a little glad that it will be over soon, etcetera. Studying for nursing exams are tough because it's not jut all about facts & information. It's really about critical thinking... "All the answers are correct, but which is more correct?" kind of thing. A lot of it is situational case studies that focus on a variety of issues besides the physical assessments... I really hate those but no escaping this one ( ̄へ ̄)

But I am looking forward to June! Hopefully the weather will be sunny every day with minimal rainy days(* ー *) Things to look forward to:

★ Convocation
★ Bobby's 1st Birthday
★ Bestie coming back from HK
★ TMGS3 release [I'm a bit of a gaming nerd (.___.")]

I think June will be great~!

On to today's FOTD:

Denim shirt: Gap; White dress: Local Shop; Can can/boater straw hat: H&M

Can anyone tell I'm too in love with my denim shirt??? It brings all my outfits together so well~~ I was rummaging through my closet and sorting through the rejected clothes of my past when I found this white dress. Thought it was appropriate to be brought back to wear this spring/summer since white seems to be a trending colour. It's very light weight & flowy~ Glad I decided to keep it back then.

I made some other purchases this week both online & in stores:

Got this straw bag from Zara. I've been wanting one since last year. I feel like straw bags are the perfect material for spring & summer.

Also from Zara. Part of my latest obsession with florals...

I went to the mall today to pick up my magazine subscription of Popteen & did some shopping because my mom was looking at some clothes outside of my favourite shop. I really didn't intend to buy anymore because I had made a small online purchases plus I swore to myself that I would not shop until after the exam... But I did anyways (> д < ;) ... Atleast they were cheap buys~~ I always wanted a laced denim shirt. Couldn't find one for the longest time so I settled for the denim shirt at Gap. But when I saw this I had to have it. It's short sleeved & has lace so it has a different style than my Gap one.

At first I had no intention of looking at this dress. I picked it up & my sister said it looked nice so I went & tried it on. I ended up really liking the colour of this dress on me. The colour & floral pattern are really summery~~ I also really like the lace hem of the dress.

Of course picked up Popteen & while in the store the clerk influenced me into purchasing a Hello Kitty eco bag that could be folded into a much smaller size to be stored away in your purse↓↓↓

After you open the large eco bag, there is a chain where you can chain the smaller storage bag onto the bag itself. There was other patterns & colours to choose from but I like pink & Hello Kitty so it was a no brainer! I figured I could pop this in my bag & it may become useful. . .

I ordered the maxi dress & beige skirt from Dressky. They're a wholesale shop with lots of cheap clothes. Some of the clothes I think I've seen else where too... Like on Yesstyle. I've also seen some of the exact pieces of clothing they sell at local stores. But the local stores jack the prices up approximately 10-50 times more than what the clothes are worth. I've ordered from them before, very reliable. Clothes are cheap but shipping is still expensive because they're shipping from Asia. Their clothes range from $5-$25. Of course the quality is a debatable issue...From previous experience I'd say the quality is quite good & the received product was not too different from the displayed picture. Can't wait until these arrive~~!

Well I should really get back to studying. This blogging break has gone on for far too long... Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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