Monday, May 17, 2010

OOTD & FOTD @ 5:57 PM


Grey skies again today (○・`Д´・○) Yesterday was so lovely... Sunshine with not a speck of clouds in the sky... Yet today the clouds are back!!! Where is my sunshine??? I hope everyone else is having better weather than I am experiencing!

I'm afraid there's nothing spectacular in this post. I suppose not many of my posts are spectacular anyways? Hope you enjoy anyawys~~ Lalala~~♪

Today's FOTD~ Since today was nothing special, just brunch with the family, I did my usual make routine with the exception of the usage of Canmake's No. 02 lashes↓↓↓

Very soft & extremely natural upper lashes. Comes with a tube of white lash glue but I chose to use my Koji clear lash glue instead. I find I'm getting much better at putting on lashes after many practices (●⌒∇⌒●)

Jean Shirt: GAP; Floral One Piece: Zara

And finally, today's OOTD~~ I've been eying Zara's one pieces forever. Their floral rompers & dresses are so cute but they are all SO EXPENSIVE. Finally, I caved because I thought I deserved a little luxury to celebrate my graduation. I love it so much! The material is so soft & comfortable and the floral pattern is so bright and eye catching (☆▽☆)Think I might live in this for the spring/summer?

I'm almost at 100 followers! ThankQ ThankQ. What should I do to celebrate???

♥ Becky

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