Thursday, May 13, 2010

My DIY うさ耳~! @ 3:37 AM

Hello Hello Hello~~

I'm here writing to everyone at 3:40AM. Why don't I ever sleep like a normal person??? This will be short though (U___U)

I'm excited to post about my mini project to make my own うさ耳~~! If you read and/or follow Japanese fashion, you'll notice these little things popping up everywhere for Spring 2010!

Here's a few examples of them on models↓↓↓

I find them quite cute (^___^) Kind of a nice break from normal bows on heads don't you think???

Here's me in my handmade one↓↓↓

I think mine has a very retro feel? Maybe needs to be a little longer & more pointy? Ah, well I quite like it anyways~~

I had a little inspiration & help from Violet Lebeaux's tutorial here~~ Although I did make some adjustments to the tutorial because I have a sewing machine, was lazy yet a perfectionist. It's hard to explain the adjustments I made without going on a whole spew of complicated and confusing explanations. However they are easy to make, inexpensive and definitely adds to an outfit (^___^)

Off to bed now, having lunch with some friends tomorrow. Good night!


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