Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Collingwood Day 2 + Recent Buys @ 7:27 PM

Hello Hello~~

Today is a really gloomy day here... The weather was nice this morning but the rest of the afternoon up to now is all rain and grey skies. Kind of makes me want to just mope around and not do anything... Well instead I moped around with my CRNE prep guide. I guess it's been a productive day?

I wanted to go on a shopping trip tomorrow downtown but no one can accompany me. Everyone either has work/summer courses/busy. I feel super unproductive (T___T). I wish I could be more productive but job search is going no where right now. Very little places are hiring nurses. Especially new graduates. No one wants us (> O <) Anyways... Here's day 2 and the last morning we spent in Collingwood: The next morning, it was a lovely day again~ Gave a opportunity to take better pictures of the mountains. You can still see some snow left on them.

The hotel that we stayed in. It was called 'Seasons'.

A view of a street in the village. There was actually more people walking around but I caught it at a time when all the people were off that street or behind me~~

We had breakfast at a place called Sunset Grill. They serve breakfast all day long. BIG breakfasts too.

Looks better than it tastes. I know plain yogurt is good for you...But... I'll just stick to my tasty flavoured ones.

Our last stop was a Starbucks run. We all needed it after staying up until 4am and waking up at 9am. Plus, I was the driver on the home bound journey...I can't fall asleep otherwise we'll be in trouble then ( T ▽ T )

I really miss it there. It was a nice getaway... I haven't been away since 2 summer ago when I went to New York with a few friends. I want to do more traveling this summer but I know I should focus more on studying for CRNE & job search.. (9・Д・)9 頑張リマッス! ! !

I haven't posted recent purchases & whatnot for a while~~ Well I haven't been shopping that much due to schedule overload~~ But I've been buying things here and there. Here's some of my more recent purchases within this week:

Picked up my subscription of ViVi~ Happy to see Lena on the cover~~ She's one of my favourite ViVi models alongside Chikako and Kiko.

Got a new lip balm with UV protection also. I have a particular obsession with lip products. It's a shimmery pearl colour, quite like it. Think I might pick up the other two shades, pink & orange too.

After many hours of standing at the stores, I decided to get Koji's eyelash glue in clear. I tried it this morning and it adheres VERY nicely. Even the wind won't be able to blow your lashes off! Plus the glue is clear so white glue spots to be seen~! However I do find that this glue is a little more fluid than the white ones I've tried. This glue also comes in black so that it blends in with the bone of the lashes...

Got a pack of 7 pairs of lashes for $10. The bone and lashes itself are both very soft and bendable so you can bend it as needed to your eye shape. Don't have a picture of me with the lashes as of yet, will post as soon as I can~!

♥ Becky

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