Wednesday, May 26, 2010

100 Followers & Package Arrived! @ 10:40 PM

The weather is so nice this week!
Can't help but enjoy it too much & forget that I have my license exam in 1 week!!!

Anyways! I've reached 100 followers! I'm so very excited & thankful for that (^___^) I'm not too interesting so THANK YOU for baring with me & my lack of posts! After this exam, I'm going to try to be more interesting I promise! I'm going to be preparing a giveaway next week, after my license exam of course. Be sure to stay tune. I'll try to make it exciting*

Speaking of excitement...My package from arrived today~ I literally stalked at my door waiting for the delivery person to arrive. Harhar (-___-)

I've opened it already to check the products & I love the maxi dress a lot. It's so airy & light~~ But I'm a little bit too short for it. Think I'll need a pair of wedges or heels to hold my dress up off the floor! The beige skirt is also very cute! A bit darker than I had imagined but more interesting than just getting white or dark blue. I mixed out a few spring/summer outfits but didn't take any pictures. I really should be studying anyways (U___U)

My official graduation letter & convocation tickets also arrived in the mail this week! Now I feel like it's all more official.

Back to studying... Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!


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