Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm graduating! & Recent FOTD @ 10:34 AM

Hello lovelies~

We're having very beautiful weather here in Toronto~ Almost sunshine every day of this week already! I hope everyone else is enjoying life no matter whatever weather they may have, where ever they are :)

A big update on my current life situation. I'm glad to say that my 4 years spent in the program has come to an official end with my convocation on June 10th! On Tuesday, I went in for my final evaluation, which simply meant I was getting the final judgment of whether I was going to get my degree. It was nerve wrecking when you know your entire 4 years rested on this particular day... I'm sure anyone who needs to be evaluated non-academically knows what I mean! You feel like you hardly have control over the final results because you can't study hard for it, just only can give your best work. Anyways, I'm just glad it's really over and now I'll be able to concentrate on my license exam preparations. It's in a little over a month

Here's a recent FOTD of mine. I've been doing this look for a couple of days now. I've had much more time on my hands in the morning so I've been experimenting with lashes↓↓↓

I lol'ed a bit at this picture. I'm so asian.

This FOTD is so simple & easy to put together. I used neutral colours on my eyes, a peach blush and a tinted pink lip gloss on my lips. Especially since I am in semi-vacation mode, I'd rather sleep or spend more time outside in the sun than spend too much time in front of the mirror. Instead of using full lashes, I opted for accent lashes because I'm too lazy and SO BAD at putting on full lashes. Accent lashes are easy for first time learners and you still get a nice effect without too much hassle. However, I still enjoy the dramatic effect that full lashes give me

Here's a list of products that I've used:

Liole ~ BB Cream
Palgantong ~ Theatrical Powder in Original Beige

Kate ~ Diamond Cut Eyes BR-01
MAC ~ Gel Liner in Feline
Dawn & Maryiln 愛され mascara
Ardell Accent Lashes 301

Palgangtong ~ Pop Cheek PC21

Jean Paul Gaultier MADAME ~ Lip gloss in Grenadine Pink

I'm going to be going on a trip next weekend! My friends & I are planning to go to Blue Mountain/Collingwood, this area 2 hours from here. We're booking a 3 hour tour that includes a tour around the forest, tree top walk on a suspension bridge 410 foot above ground, cave tours etc. I'm really excited for it ! Now I must think of what outfits to bring because I'm very conscious like that

More later~~

♥ Becky

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