Monday, April 12, 2010

I am back...again! @ 9:33 AM

Hello lovelies~

I can't believe it's been another 2 months since I made a post. Sigh* Well, good news is that classes & clinical were officially over for me since last Friday. I'm just waiting on the 20th for my evaluation which will tell me whether or not I've completed my program. In between I'm also applying for jobs and worrying about my license exam in June. Well, I'm spreading out those activities over a 2 month span~ Otherwise life actually has been quite nice! Especially the weather! The highest it will be is 13°C with clear skies. Looks like another lovely day ♥

Thank you for those who contributed comments on my last post about my hair. Ever since then I actually have cut it shorter & I quite love it. It so much easier to take care of~ I don't think I'll grow my hair for quite a while. It was a nice change from my long hair :) Here's some pictures from yesterday
My shorter cut has more of a spring feel right? I love it♥ Also super love my can can/boater hat that I found on a lovely random day downtown! It looks like it'll fall off my head but I swear the end of the hat touches my head just fine. I just have a naturally big head(┬┬○┬┬)

Does anyone remember my fat puppy Bobby? He's only gotten fatter since we've gotten him... Plus his poor hair grows so fast that now his eyes are covered. We're taking him to be groomed tomorrow~ He'll be 1-years-old in 3 months ~!

I could post so much more but I've gotta take my dad to the doctor's for a check up. Will post more soon

♥ Becky

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