Friday, April 30, 2010

Graduation Dress Inspirations @ 1:08 AM

Hey everyone!

It's late right now... Like 1:11am in the morning. Like usual I don't feel tired or can sleep until I'm actually laying on the bed and playing some otome game... Anyways! So I've been researching graduation dress inspirations instead online. The last graduation I had was back in high school and I wore a tres serious grey plaid pleated skirt and matching dress shirt with sweater that I got at RW & Co. Looking back, I regret it because it was such a stuffy feel. Plus I had a horrible haircut from my mom...I ♥ my mom but that was the last time I ever let her cut my hair ever again.

I'm kinda hoping to find a dress that isn't 'usual'. I just don't want to wear a black/white/grey dress. They're lovely colours but I really want something special because this is really really special to me. Looking at some of my friend's graduation ceremonies they wore a lot of black. Which to me does not seem like it's a new beginning? I don't know maybe I just have a odd mind... Here's some dresses I like from↓↓↓

Tokyo Fashion ~ I really like the colour of this one... I generally find bright colours look good with my skin colour. Plus polka dots are so cute (≧∪≦)Maybe not so modest with the lower neckline?

Tokyo Fashion ~ This one seems very appropraite for the occasion. It's a mock two piece. I like the ruffles but I'm not loving the sleeves that much.

Marloca ~ The colour is so nice! I love lace too ♥

Vividress ~ This is more neutral colour but I really like the flow of the dress. I like how the top part of the dress is almost like a cape and sits nicely on the arms~

Click ~ I really like this dress! The colour is so nice, the floral pattern is gorgeous. Sigh* but this dress is really expensive. $63 CAD... I'm not sure I want to pay such a price.

So those are my picks~ I don't think anyone else will care what I wear because I'll be under a gown the majority of the time. But I'll know, which is enough (⌒▽⌒). Which one do you guys like? Any suggestions? For those of you who've had your graduation ceremonies, what did you wear?

Oh~ And I wanted to mention that I can't believe I've almost reached 100 followers. ThankQ for following me! I'm excited! I was thinking maybe I should do something to celebrate such an occasion? Maybe a giveaway? I definitely need a new layout though... We'll see ~~

I'm going to head to bed now... I have lots to do tomorrow. Have to pack for the weekend trip, clean my room and bathe Bobby~ Good night ミ★


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