Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Coat... @ 9:34 PM

Hello lovelies~

Another working day done. Today felt especially long because of how slow it was... Another 5 days of this... Luckily I have dinner celebrations spread out this entire week to make it less daunting. Can't wait until my only day off on Sunday!!!

I've been looking around for a new winter coat. I want to buy something warm and that will last me a couple of years but I'm very picky about style & I prefer to have a stylish coat than a extra warm one. I mean I can always layer right? Plus I've decided to invest in a remote starter this year for my car so I choose style over practicality! Here's a few pieces that have caught my eye:

I really want a red coat... Not sure why. Actually this colour they called maroon on the website. My coats have always been black or brown and I feel like red is a really chic colour for this time of the year.
I love fur collars & military style. It's stylish & still warm.
This one is a more lady like coat. No buttons so I'll probably be cold... Plus they only have white in stock & I'm not really good at keeping white clean...

So which one is your favourite? I haven't decided yet & still don't have time to check out the options... I'm kind of leaning towards a coloured coat however just to add some colour to my winter.

♥ Becky

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

New start in a familiar place... @ 10:58 AM

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe it's been 2 years since I've touched this blog... I've been playing around with another one but I decided why not come back to this one.... Since a layout has been done for the holiday season anyways. I'm a lazy girl :(

Many things have changed in the past 2 years. MANY. THINGS. In fact, too much to even explain into a few paragraphs. Here are a few highlights of the things that have been life changing:

  • In 2010 I graduated from my program and successfully passed my licensing exam. In 2011 I found my first job in my career and my passion has only grown. Recently the direction of my career has been reignited and I'm currently striving to achieve the vision of myself when I first started down this path.
  • My first relationship also started in 2010 and ended in the first half of this year. I learned a lot from it...
  • I made my first adult purchase in 2011...a car! I love it. Can't imagine my life without it in this cold Canadian weather.
So that's pretty much the highlights in my life. Many things have changed and whilst contemplating these things last night in bed... I realized I needed a place to document my everyday thoughts...encounters... etc... What a better place to do it than a blog I started over 3 years ago? Since it is December 1st today, a few more days until I become another year older... I'm making a promise to myself to writer a blog post everyday, not matter how short it may be, I'll document how my day went. Since the advancement of smartphones this actually is so much easier. I don't even need a computer anymore :D

So if you're still following me, I hope to bring you interesting reads in the next few days. I'll still do reviews and hauls posts cause those are still a part of who I am. However, I do plan to place some more personal posts on here. If you have any suggestions for me, I'd love to hear it!

Happy December Lovelies!!!

♥ Becky

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Review: Revlon Colorburst @ 12:59 AM

Hello lovelies ! ! !

Been too long since the last post again. Been a tad busy & tired from work. I'm going to blame it on the cold weather. It had turned me into a lazy sloth.

Today's post I'm going to review Revlon's Colorburst lip glosses & lipsticks. I've been on a frenzy with them ever since I discovered their Soft Nude lipstick. I've never liked them before because I always thought their packaging was quite tacky. & unappealing. But their new lines are definitely becoming more eye catching. Let's start! {Click to enlarge pictures}

Revlon's Colorburst

Packaging > I think the packaging for the lip gloss & lipsticks are quite cute. I like the quilted design on the caps & tubes itself. The brush on the lip glosses have two flat sides with a rounded tip, allowing for precise application. I found it easy to apply the lip gloss to every corner of my lips. I like how on the tub of the lipstick itself, the word Revlon are engraved. I thought it was a nice touch.

Price > I paid about $8 CAD for each lip gloss & lipstick. I would say, for such a good quality product that it was well worth it. 


From left to right: Pink Sugar {a glittery sheer light pink}; Soft Nude {a matte nude}; Peach {a soft orange}; Candy Pink {a bright pink}.

The lipsticks are quite honestly my favourite lipsticks. I've used high end & lower end brands before and these are my absolute favourites.. They're creamy & moisturizing, did not dry out my lips at all. Especially since it is winter, my lips are constantly chapped because of the horrid chilly air. They are very pigmented & buildable.. You can go for a subtle look or layer it for a bolder look.

The only downside is that it's not very long lasting. I'm still quite fresh to the lipstick world so I'm unsure how long one would expect a good lipstick to last. However, it's a small problem for me as I'm far too in love with the colours & positives of this lipstick to care much for this negative point.

Lip Gloss

From left to right: Peony Pivoine {shimmery champagne}; Papaya {pinky orange}; Strawberry {bright pink/red}.

The quality of the glosses are also very high. They're non-sticky & moisturizing & highly glossy. They're very pigmented, especially with the coloured ones like Papaya & Strawberry, you'll notice they are very vibrant. Which I absolutely love.

I really can't think of anything bad to say about the lip gloss!

My favourite of the bunch is definitely Strawberry. It's a cute pinky red that's perfect for summer.

Overall >  I would definitely recommend this product to you guys. Especially the new colours that came out, they're' all lovely & there are quite a few colours that are perfect for spring/summer looks. The Colorburst collection is definitely comparable to the higher end brands out there, in fact, dare I say, maybe even better than some out there. The lipsticks are pigmented, moisturizing & buildable while the lip glosses are glossy without feeling sticky. I definitely suggest every lady try it since they are inexpensive & very accessible. 

That's it for me today~ Until next time!


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My HUGE Beauty Goods Haul~ @ 1:26 AM

This post is long over due! Seriously. I've been busy with my two part-time jobs though. I only have a day & a half off from the jobs. But, I always make time for shopping~~ So today I bring you a post of beauty goods that I've hauled since December 2010 to now. I thought: Why not just talk about all of it in one huge post? Enjoy :)

I'm not going to discuss Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I feel like it's been talked about enough that it does not need to be repeated anymore ~~

NYX Glitter Cream Palette in  GCP12 - One Night In Luxy > I got this for New Years Eve figuring it was just natural to have some glitter on that night. I didn't end up using it but I did use it on my sister. The colours are fun to wear & all but it was difficult to work with. It was basically just flecks of glitter in a clear cream base. It stayed on pretty well though and did create a really glamourous & fun eye makeup.
NYX Eyeshadow in Star~ A cute silver colour with blue flecks. Also a purchase I made for New Years Eve. I did use this one and it was quite a nice colour with a silky texture but not very pigmented therefore it required lots of layering to actually build a decent colour.

Rimmel's Colour Rush Trio Eye Shadow in Dark Angel & Dreamy > I got these two palettes on discount of $3 (CAD) each. I was actually drawn in by the lovely purple in the 1st palette but I figured I don't have much pastel colours in my collection so I decided to pick up the second one also. Since buying them I haven't used them. I did test out the colours on the back of my palm & found them not so pigmented. But it'll take further experimentation for me to truly make a proper verdict.

Kate Deep Eyes BR-1> Brown is a vital staple in my make-up bag. I wear it daily to work.. It's only during the weekends that I get a chance to play with colours (TT___TT) This palette contains great variety of browns so that you can create a casual day look or dramatic evening look. You can see I've already put the palette to good use by the sponge applicators~

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow in No. 3 Blue Orange (Country Retro) > Literally the pride of my purchases. I instantly fell in love with the orange & teal blue palette. I felt that the orange and teal will work great for Spring/Summer, since orange is back again in blush, eyeshadow & lippie form. Which I'm quite glad, I actually really like the whole orange blush ordeal!  Haven't tried it out yet but I'm definitely going to try it out and do a review on here. Here some more pictures of the inside of the packaging which shows you how to achieve Tsubasa's look that's on the cover:


 The orange is so vibrant (* A *) I'm already happy & excited for summer just staring at it. Plus the snow & cold has totally been bumming me out!!! I'm planning to pick up the Colourful Pop one also. i think the sales girl left an impression on me while she talked about it.

Maybelline's Lasting Drama in Charcoal >
The package isn't even open yet so... no need to explain. Hehe. I bought it as a safety net because my M.A.C gel liner is almost finished.

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in BR 601> Have been hearing good things about this liner so decided to pick it up since I was wanting a brown liner. Haven't got the chance to use it properly but from playing around with it I do feel it's hard to control. Then again liquid liners were always difficult to apply...

Maybelline's FIT me! Liquid Foundation & Powder in 115 Ivory > Okay I don't plan to talk too much about this because I want to write a proper review on it as it deserves. If you follow me on twitter you've probably heard me rave about it for days. It's that great :)

Etude House LUCIDarling Over the Rainbluser in #03 Apricot > It was my first time purchasing Etude House products. I thought the packaging was so cute for a highlighter, which is probably the main reason why I picked it up but the product itself was great in the end. It's a very shimmery highlighter, which when used with a light hand will yield quite stunning results.

Victoria's Secret Midnight Glamour Luminous Highlighting Powder in Starlit~ I picked this up when I had that $10 gift card that they were giving out just before the holiday season started. Once again the packaging was the culprit.

 NYX Gloss in Clear > Very simply, it's amazing because it's a non-sticky gloss that smells like candy. Yummm~~

 Revlon's Colour Burst Lipstick in Soft Nude > The best nude lipstick I've ever tried. I don't know why I've never used Revlon lipsticks before this! I've used M.A.C. lipsticks before & their lipsticks are drying on my lips. However this one is not drying at all!

Victoria's Secret's Perfect Lipstick (Scrumptious) & Sparkling Lipstick (Spotlight) > Bought these along with the VS Starlit palette. Good colours, smooth application & not drying. Quite like them (^____^)

NYX Round Lipsticks in Orange Soda, Eros & Strawberry Milk > I started to become obsessed with NYX lipsticks ever since my friend introduced me to them. She use to be a huge M.A.C. lipstick fan but she claims that these are better than M.A.C. lipsticks. I must agree too. Like I mentioned previously, M.A.C. lipsticks made my lips look dry and crackly whereas these lipsticks did not.

Here's a swatch of the colours of the lipsticks. From left to right: Revlon - Soft Nude; VS - Scrumptious; VS - Spotlight; NYX - Orange Soda; NYX - Eros; NYX - Strawberry Milk.

My Beauty Diary Limited Edition Floral Masks: Perfect for spring time of course! The phalaenopsis is a whitening mask while the sunflower one is a moisturizing one. Apparently these masks are different from the previous ones as they are able to hold more essence in the layers of the mask. I'm going to be trying this out later (^____^)
Lucido-L Designing Pump  Hair Jelly Swing Keep > Before I used the Liese's Designing Jelly but I found that the product was too heavy and weighed my hair down so much that it started to look straightened by the end of the day. But Lucido-L's hair jelly was much lighter  and held my waves much better. At the end of the day it still looked as it did in the AM.

Liese's Juicy Shower > The bottle is so sweet looking... & the name cute! This is a moisturizing hair mist that smells like raspberries that you use in the mornings to help tame unruly frizzy hair. It's suppose to leave the hair soft & more manageable.

I don't think I've posted a picture of myself since... Forever. Mind the orange towel by the way. The bathroom is where I can get the best lighting. Anyways... Here's me & my 3 week old haircut. I got this just around the beginning of January. I'm loving shorter hair right now because it's so much easier to manage. However I still get the occasional desire to let it grow again. So far I think I'll stick with the short hair though.

Parting picture: A new makeup bag for myself to toss all my goodies in. It's by a Japanese brand called Chocoholic. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think they're under the same company as Swimmers? Anyways, Chocoholic's products are more feminine I think.

If you see anyways products featured in this post that you would like me to do a  review/demonstrate usage/tutorial on, please feel free to ask!


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Saturday, January 1, 2011

☆☆☆Happy New Year! ! !☆☆☆ @ 10:18 PM

Can't believe that the last time I ever posted was last year. Ha Ha Ha! Just some cheesy humour from me! I hope everyone's holidays were great! I had a good time. I decided to just do a little post to reminisce the highlights of 2010 & goals for the 2011! I don't believe in resolutions because I feel like they are too easily breakable. I mean I can't remember the amount of times I've promised to work much harder in school & it always had fallen through! So, I'm going to make goals. REAL goals that I intend to keep & make come true.

Highlights of 2010:

There was really only 2 events this year that made me happy~~

Convocation: The conclusion to my four years. I was able to share it with my family & great friends. Truly the greatest moment of 2010.

Passing the CRNE: The moment I opened that letter from the CNO & found out I had passed the CRNE, I burst out crying !!! Even my mom thought I had failed. I was so overly ecstatic I couldn't help but cry happy tears. I seriously did not expect to pass. I don't know why...But it became proof to me that the four years was not a waste & that I had become a nurse.

Goals for 2011:

  • Exercise more often: I tell myself this all the time & fail to do so. New year, new start! I'm going to make it this time!!!
  • Take & Pass the ACLS: It's a step up from the BCLS. It's a tad bit expensive but worth it & hopefully it'll help me get a RN job...
  • Take a RN certificate program this fall: I was contemplating this for a while... I decided I needed to do this if I wanted to move ahead in life. Not sure what I want to take as of yet. But for sure I want to do this!
  • Save money: I am awful with saving money (-____-")
  • Read more: After I finished school I've hardly read. I use to complain that I didn't have time to read for fun because of time spent on reading textbooks. What's my excuse now?!
  • Write more in my journal & blog more often: I'm awful with both. So I wanna try to write daily in my personal journal & create more posts on this one. 
I think I've got quite a bit of goals there that will take me the entire year to make! Probably will come up with more goals as time goes by. Nothing is ever certain in life so gotta be flexible!!!  I hope 2011 treats everyone well & will be filled with love & luck for all! Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

♥ Becky

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